Kairos (καιρός):

a time when conditions are right for
the accomplishment of a crucial action :
the opportune and decisive moment.

Our mission

At Kairos Property Solutions we act transparently in the best interest of the homeowner and develop strategies that enable them to keep their home. We provide them with solutions that are not available in traditional institutions.

We analyze each unique situation and provide a win-win solution.

At Kairos Property Solutions "We believe that a flexible business framework combined with a data-centered approach is the key to success in the real estate industry.”

What we do

Kairos Property Solutions buys USA first lien position on non-performing loans, also known as non-performing notes (NPN) at a discount. These loans are secured by the underlying asset, the real estate.

When buying a note, we buy the right to collect payments on that loan as do the banks. We become the creditor. This is often referred to as the paper business.

Each investment made by Kairos Property Solutions needs to go through our rigorous due diligence process and financial analysis.

Our first goal is to modify payments that will fit the homeowner’s financial situation. If we cannot reach an agreement, we have multiple solution for exit strategies.

Who we are

Kairos Property Solutions has over 15 years of experience in traditional real estate. More than 3 years ago, we moved into the non-performing loan sector. This enabled us to continue expanding our business, serving a new market niche and developing proactive solutions.

Our success factors include:



Data Centered Approach


Efficiency and

Our code of conduct

The Kairos Property Solutions Code of Conduct is based on strong values and high ethical standards.  These principles guide our day-to-day activities and greatly influence how make business decisions.